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nothing beats the simplicity and flavour in a great pie. it's an aussie tradition...

Everyone loves a good pie. You can get an average pie anywhere but a pie that surprises you with it's complex flavour in a package so simple and familiar is rare. That's my inspiration for creating Gourmet Pies. 

Over the last 25 years I've worked in some of the best restaurants in this beautiful city of Melbourne. From France Soir to The Last Aussie Fishcafe, to Fenwick Hotel and Paris Go. Having owned and operated Paris Go for 8 years, it gave me the skills necessary to have a crack at Melbourne burgeoning food van scene.


I take pride in my pies. Quality organic ingrediants and all hand made. I entered 9 pies into this years Great Australian Pie Contest. I was really happy that the judges awarded me a medal for each pie I entered.


I hope you come down and grab one of our award winning pies for yourself and spread the word!


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